Grief & Loss Therapy

Grief Recovery counseling can help people work through the natural stages of loss.
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Peak Performance

EMDR Therapy is implemented to help clients reach peak performance.

Marital Counseling and Couples Counseling

Relationship-focused counseling achieves both strengthening of healthy relationships or specific help to grow through difficulties and challenges.
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E-therapy is a new type of therapy for helping people resolve life and relationship issues utilizing the power and convenience of the Internet. Enjoy the convenience and confidentiality of meeting with Marta via web cam.

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety may be successfully treated by psychotherapy.
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Marta Hatter

Marta Hatter EMDR Relationship Counsler Irvine, CA Professional Counseling, Psychotherapy Services Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW #17540 EMDR Certified Therapist, Providing Counseling and Therapy in Irvine, CA. Serving clients since 1991.

Relationship-Focused & Couples Counseling in Irvine, Orange County CA

Would you like some help? Does your relationship need some help?  I provide counseling in Irvine, CA in Orange County. Are you struggling in your relationship with someone you love or feeling as though you have run out of answers? Relationship Counseling can be your solution.

Are you feeling a challenge or heavy burden, becoming overwhelmed, anxious, lonely or sad? My goal is to share in your success by providing quality Professional Counseling, Psychotherapy services to equip you, increasing healing and your personal growth.

Couples and individuals deserve ethical solutions to serious issues. I am here to help, I know you can improve your relationships, and achieve personal growth, increasing your contentment in life.

Don’t  lose sleep, continue with racing thoughts, become accustomed to anger, or go through a difficult season alone. Let’s have a conversation and determine what changes will help you with your unique situation. Call me now at 949-697-4332  for Professional Counseling, and Psychotherapy Services in Irvine, Orange County CA.

Since 1991 I’ve helped many individuals and couples in the areas of Relationship Counseling, Anger Management, Childhood StressCouples Counseling, Peak Performance, Trauma, Premarital Counseling, PTSD, Grief Counseling, Child Abuse, Anxiety and Panic, Depression, Job Stress, E-Therapy, Individual Counseling, Parenting Issues, Children Adolescents, EMDR, Family Counseling, Divorce and Blended Families.

A Message from Marta

 Hear from Marta about her Relationship Counseling, Family Counseling and Individual Counseling.  Counseling is offered in Irvine, CA
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Top 10 Tips For Everlasting Relationships

  1. Always identify the problem as the problem, not the person as the problem. This will help to keep you
    on the same team. Example; “The problem is we see this issue differently, with different solutions. Let’s
    brainstorm compromises & the pros and cons of the different solutions, then decide.”
  2. Commit to the mutual agreement that when two different views are both valued, there is not a right and
    a wrong. If you insist on being right, you are each thrown onto opposing teas. If you need to win, stick to

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Relationship Counseling Irvine

Relationships are the threads forming the tapestry of our lives and our world. Learn some lessons along the way to make your relationships the best they can be.

Peak Performance

Begin improving your performance to become a high-performing individual. Increase self-confidence, positive feelings and behaviors, and to meet goals.

EMDR Irvine, CA

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy approach, well researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.


E-therapy is a new type of therapy for helping people resolve life and relationship issues utilizing the power and convenience of the Internet using interactive audio-video