Marriage Crisis? Find A Good Counselor To Help Answer Tough Questions

  1. Are you facing a marriage crisis? If so your mind is probably swimming with questions. Are you asking yourself if you should stay or end the relationship? Should we go to marriage counseling? What will the future be like? Think about what the future will be like if you leave the relationship. How will it affect your children, family or friendships? Then, envision what your life will be like five years from now. Family events? Will you have to attend functions separately? What will happen when either of you enter into a new relationship? Think about what it will be like twenty years from now. Picture what your future will be like without your current spouse and whether or not you can handle that future alone.
  2. What was the past like? Recall what the past was like and all of the fun times that you and your spouse shared together. There will be happy memories, so try to recall those happy memories and think about what kept you together with your spouse for so long. Are you willing to end that chapter of your life in favor of being alone, or being with the someone else?
  3. You need to work out whether or not you can put aside your feelings at the moment. Acknowledge whether or not you love your spouse, despite their actions. Acknowledge whether or not you like your spouse – and if you can continue to like your spouse despite their actions. Relationship crises is often an important time to consider an objective person; counselor, pastor, etc. If you are in a marriage crisis, find a good counselor.
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Marriage crisis, find a good counselor

Don’t wait! Call for help now. I consistently receive calls from couples who have been struggling for a long time. Sometimes, couples therapy is their last effort before ending the relationship! Waiting until there is a critical crisis can mean waiting too long to seek help. Make this call your FIRST STEP!!

Consider other challenges in life, and how wise it is to get help quickly. Relationships are the most valuable part of our lives, make them a priority and reach out for help as soon as possible.


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