Parenting With Love And Logic

Parenting Advice From Our Psychotherapist

By Foster Cline, M.D. And Jim Fay

Jim Fay is one of America’s top educational consultants, and Dr. Foster Cline is a trendsetting child and adult psychotherapist. The authors contend in a very practical and clearly written style that parents who want to raise kids who are self-confident, motivated, and ready for the real world must take advantage of this win-win approach to parenting. The goal of this approach is to raise responsible children. This volume is appropriate for parents of children who are in eighth grade or younger.

Approaches In Psychotherapy For Raising Confident Children

Effective parents must learn to use different approaches with kids who live in today’s complex and rapidly changing world. Our culture has outgrown many of the approaches that we were raised with. The authors and psychotherapists contend that effective parenting centers around love. Pessimism is to be avoided, and love is to be employed, which is strong enough to allow kids to make mistakes and strong enough not to tolerate disrespect. The logic in these techniques centers on the consequences themselves. It teaches us how to allow consequences while expressing true empathy is portrayed in parenting.

The authors begin by guiding parents in developing the relational building blocks of effective parenting. They then proceed to forty-one practical examples of parenting with love and logic. This method teaches children to think, to decide, and to live with their decisions within the environment of a healthy, loving relationship with their parents.

23 “Love and Logic Tips” are then provided to parents. They include such topics as “The ‘V’ of Love” and “When to Step In,” and “When to Stay out of Your Children’s Problems.” Readers will explore their own parenting style and discover where growth and developing new skills will put the fun back in parenting and how to nurture responsible children.

As a psychotherapist, this is the book I most consistently use in my work with parents and children. My clients consistently tell me they wish they had known about love and logic earlier. Parents who have withstood very challenging children develop tangible hope that they can still influence their kids. I have consistently witnessed positive results with my clients.

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The connections between a parent and child are tricky, to say the least. At times, we may find ourselves feeling stuck with nowhere to go. In psychotherapy, we can teach you the relationship advice that will help your connections grow so that both you and your child can flourish throughout your lives. If you’re in need of help with parenting advice, don’t hesitate to call our psychotherapist today.


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